Heartfelt Creations Flip Fold Album Set - Kraft

$55.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

Creating a stunning, interactive flip fold album can now be accomplished quickly and with ease! Beginning with an already constructed album takes the work and worry out of the building process and allows you to delve straight into the fun portion of the decorating process. Paired together with our assembled flip folds and pockets, you will find yourself quickly on the way to creating amazing heirloom pieces for yourself or gifts for friends and loved ones that are sure to be enjoyed for years to come. The choice has been left up to you to add as many flips, folds, and pockets as you like, or simply to leave the album more basic and just embellish it using beautiful paper and a few dimensional flowers, guaranteeing that no two albums will ever be the same.

Products Included:

3D Flip Fold Album Kraft
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts A Kraft 
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts B Kraft 
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts C Kraft 
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts D  Kraft 
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts E  Kraft 
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts F  Kraft 

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