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Heartfelt Creations Blazing Poppy Paper Collection HCDP1-255

Ignite your creative mojo with the saturated colors and resplendent artwork of the Blazing Poppy Pap..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Buttons and Blooms Paper Collection

“Stitch” together the most beautiful projects with the Buttons and Blooms Paper Collection! This inv..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Camelia Carnation Paper Collection HCDP1-285

With a stunning color palette of fiery reds, pastel pinks, sunset orange tones, and lush hues of gre..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Candlelit Paper Collection HCDP1-2104

Reflect on the calm and gentle side of the holiday season with the new Candlelit Christmas..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Candy Cane Cottage Paper Collection HCDP1-2105

Experience the lighthearted and whimsical side of the holiday season with the Candy Cane Cottage..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Classic Sunflower Paper Collection HCDP1-252

The Classic Sunflower Paper Collection transports you to the countryside where sunflowers bloom al..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Floral Fashionista Paper Collection

Whether you’ve dreamed of putting together your very own fashion collection, are a seamstress at hea..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations French Cottage Paper Collection

A delightful paper collection of a calming French countryside and peaceful settings. Explore the cla..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Grab Bag - 3x Paper Pad 2x Dies 2x Stamps

This grab bag is valued at $265 available for a very limited time only includes: 3x R..

$119.00 $265.00 Ex Tax: $108.18

Heartfelt Creations Lush Lilac Paper Collection HCDP1-287

The elegant, and well known lilac blossom takes center stage early in the spring season and is one o..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations O Holy Night Paper Pad

Immerse yourself in the Christmas story with the O Holy Night Paper Collection! Swaddled in a tradit..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Oakberry Lane Paper Collection

Filled with darling illustrations of chattering squirrels at play, the Oakberry Lane Paper Collectio..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Patchwork Daisy Paper Collection

Immerse yourself in a paper collection filled with soft and gentle hues reminiscent of purple lavend..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Peacock Paisley Paper Collection HCDP1-252

Brighten your world with the sparkling colors and mesmerizing motifs of the Peacock Paisley Paper Co..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Purr-fect Posies Paper Collection

ap into an elegant paper collection featuring soft hues of baby blanket blues, subdued catnip greens..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

Heartfelt Creations Singing in the Rain Paper Collection HCDP1-286

Grab your rubber boots and get ready to make a splash as you dive into a paper collection filled wit..

$31.49 $34.95 Ex Tax: $28.63

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